About me

I'm Blanka Hámori - aerobics trainer, personal trainer, lifestyle consultant and coach since 2008. The Fitness & Balance Method I created is all about using both fitness and coaching tools to achieve more effective change, physical and mental harmony and health. I have a Body Positive Fitness attitude, which means that with me, the common goal can be: optimizing body composition (healthy body fat and muscle mass), being healthy and energetic both physically and mentally, and finding a supportive environment. If you like that I work with this approach, please read more about me:

I've worked with countless women and quite a few men to achieve a better figure and well-being, and over the years I've come to realise that the real experience of change is not about looking better: it's about growing from within! It's the growing confidence, the pushing and releasing of boundaries, the discovery of feminine energy and masculine strength, the experience of success, the understandings and realisations, the physical and spiritual healing, the shaping of our destiny.

I am an "experiential practitioner", so my own great evolutions, physical and spiritual healings, experiences have all shaped and are shaping my professional credibility. By the age of 18 I had lost nearly 20 kilos, by which time I was already seriously involved in fitness and self-awareness.

I became a mother at 23 in 2012, at which time I returned to my fitness career with another big weight loss and resurgence, and the Fitness Mom Blog. Although I don't specifically work with mothers only, I am very passionate about the fitness and mental health of mothers, I have worked with countless mother guests and later published my 50 Day Fitness Mum Programme, which is still available now.

I started my own business, running a tiny gym and bodywork salon in the 6th district, and besides coaching, I also delved into the "peripheral" areas of fitness: the world of bodywork machines, professional body analysis, nutritional supplements, and the background of internal psychological processes (overweight, overeating, self-evaluation).

In 2016 I launched my Holistic Fitness Blog, and by 2018 I had published 3 e-books on different topics, all of which take a holistic approach. I have become increasingly convinced that the balance and health my clients crave requires inner development. I have appeared in the press several times as an expert on the subject of holistic fitness.

As I have also learned and gained experience in the marketing areas of business development over the years, in 2018 I was promoted to assistant manager at the fitness gym where I coached for many years - and also became certified as a coach in 2019 at one of the country's most renowned coach training courses.

In 2020, I became my own brand name, but of course a holistic approach remains a key word in my work. This year, I defended the Fitness & Balance Method (formerly called Fitness & Coaching), which is all about using fitness tools and coaching practices and methods together to help the client develop. This approach is reflected in the downloadable Fitness & Coaching Concept programme, which can be done alone, but of course in an individual process, with my help, development is even more effective, that's what the FBM Premium Programme is all about!

In the same year, I launched my Fitness & Balance Online Club, a membership-based online platform and community where I bring workout videos, recipes and fitness challenges, but also meditations and self-awareness exercises, with a total of about 200 materials currently available on the platform - but it is constantly growing. At the same time as the club, we have also launched online workshops and lectures to educate and build community.

And what is my mission?

To help Hungarian women become more and more in control of their own lives, to develop their awareness and vigilance, to be able to change their mindset, to find energy, to create the ideal life for them! Not only a fitter and healthier body, but also a more conscious mind and a more harmonious life.

I look forward to welcoming you to my programmes and services!

Blanka Hámori